Creating A Vision Is Easy, But Translating That Vision To Others In A Way That Gets Them Excited Requires A Brand Experience. ​

Kristi (@TheKristionne) is a brand strategist, entrepreneur, and public speaker. Like many of her clients, she is passionate, results-oriented, and operates her brand and businesses in a spirit of excellence.

As a brand strategist,  Kristi combines her sharp business intellect and a keen eye for detail to show other entrepreneurs how to strategically position their brands for stellar growth. Business owners learn the powerful, far-reaching effects of how adding value to their products or services through their corporate identity will recalibrate the business’ momentum, escalating it to new levels.

Her razor focus commitment targets on creating a brand that succinctly represents the entrepreneur and their business objectives.


Purely Elevated

THE DETAILS Purely Elevated wants to elevate you to total wellness and fall in love while taking care of yourself. Founder, Alisha Ruffin Brown labored

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Shop Svelte Boutique

THE DETAILS In her teenage years, Tamara saw the convenience of accessorizing. She saw that simply adding accessories to the same outfits completely changed their

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I believe that your likeness and identity are present at birth. God leaves footprints of who you are hidden within the depths of your DNA.